Does Black Seed Oil Help with Weight Loss?

Does Black Seed Oil Help with Weight Loss?

Weigh Gain or Loss with Black seed oil

Weight gain is a primary concern for most people these days. Due to improper diet and unhealthy lifestyle, it has become a prevalent issue. Not to mention the everyday life-induced stress, which is also a significant cause of weight gain. 

The worst part of the story is that losing weight is 10x more difficult than gaining it. For this reason, most people tend to turn to unhealthy ways to reduce weight. They starve themselves and indulge in unhealthy habits like smoking and sniffing substances. Unfortunately, all these desperate attempts eventually create more damage than good.  

Thus, it's necessary to take the healthier route when shedding those extra pounds. Thankfully, many healthy options are available. One thing that can help you out is black seed oil. Contrary to popular belief, black seed oil benefits your physical and mental health. 

...the benefits of black seed oil.
What is Black Seed Oil? 

Black seed, also known as kalonji, black onion, black cumin, and black caraway, is a plant-based ingredient from Nigella sativa, a plant native to Western Asia and Eastern Europe. It is packed with various vitamins like vitamins B1, B2, and B3, zinc, iron, calcium, and certain chemical compounds, out of which caryophyllene and thymoquinone are two of the most prominent. 

Black seed has been used to make several herbal medicines for years. It's been popularly known for treating a wide variety of diseases, including different skin disorders, coughing, fatigue, malaise, and more. In addition, it has recently been making rounds that black seed oil works well for weight loss. Amid weight loss supplements and slimming drips, many people from around the world are now using black seed oil.

Is Black Seed Oil Beneficial for Weight Loss? 

According to statistics, the black seed market in the US was worth around $17.5 million in 2020, and it is estimated to touch $30 million by 2027. That being said, the black seed is primarily sold in the form of oil, and as mentioned earlier, millions of people across the globe use black seed oil to lose and maintain weight. So, yes, it doesn't help lose weight, but it also helps keep it afterward. 

The question is, does black seed oil help with weight loss?

In a word, the answer is yes. As per various studies and research, black seed oil does help with weight loss. For example, as mentioned in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine, around 20 subjects who regularly took black seed oil along with aerobic exercise lost weight faster than those who performed aerobic exercise alone. 

What Is Black Seed Oil?

Besides that, it is further revealed by numerous people that black seed oil effectively works in balancing hormones. Hormonal imbalance is one prominent cause of weight gain among females these days. The same goes for hypothyroidism, a common cause of weight gain. Black seed oil helps manage both. It reduces weight by balancing hormones, suppressing appetite, reducing glucose absorption, and maintaining triglyceride levels. 

The best part is, consuming black seed oil is better than all those invasive and non-invasive cosmetic weight loss procedures. All you need to do is add black seed oil to your everyday diet, and that too, in a minimal amount, and you'll see fruitful results in a few days to a few weeks. In addition, many dietary supplements also contain black seed oil, so getting your hands on it shouldn't be a problem. 

Other Benefits of Black Seed Oil 

Apart from weight loss, black seed oil has many other health benefits. It naturally fights off inflammation and issues like high blood pressure. Besides that, it effectively works as a natural painkiller. It can eliminate back pain and headaches naturally. Whether you have body aches due to an injury or inflammation, black seed oil can help fight them all by reducing inflammation and providing you with the necessary nutrients to heal wounds. 

Black seed oil is also advantageous for skin disorders like eczema and acne. It can also help with hair growth and, of course, weight loss. Though it may take some time to work, it does wonders for your physical and mental health.

In light of all this, we can conclude that black seed oil doesn't directly hit body fat or obesity. Instead, it reduces body weight by acting as an efficient dietary supplement. In addition, it's an excellent ingredient for passive weight loss, given that it's rich in vitamin B and other nutrients.

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